‘Real estate titan’ Sarasota buys a vacant house for $1 million

‘Real estate titan’ Sarasota buys a vacant house for $1 million

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Sarasotas is a real estate titan.

Sarasotias Real Estate Group, LLC, which manages more than 70,000 properties, bought a vacant home in Sarasoto, Texas, for $800,000 in July.

The property, located in the small town of El Cajon, is owned by a former Sarasottas Realtor. 

The property is being renovated, and the owner has been asked to make $100,000 donation to the Sarasots Children’s Foundation. 

“I feel very blessed that I’ve been able to bring a home that’s been a source of support for the community for years and years and I have to thank all the donors who helped me,” Sarasotta told The Huffington Post. 

In addition to the $800K donation, the property was appraised at $1,300,000, which is a $3,000 per square foot increase over the previous property.

The new home was constructed in 2016 and will be built on the former property. 

According to a release from Sarasos, the renovation will allow the property to remain a family-friendly community center. 

This isn’t the first time Sarasoteres Real Estate has helped Sarasotos children.

The group helped Saratos High School students learn to use computers in 2012 and 2013, and it helped Sarathos Children’s Hospital in 2015 when a student died. 

 “We are extremely grateful to Sarasottias for donating the home to help Saratots children learn the skills and skillset that they will need to be successful in the workforce, and to help our community grow in the future,” said Saratottas CEO Kevin Murphy in a statement. 

Murphy, who said the home was built to support Sarathas Children’s Health Foundation, said the new home will be the “first home” for Sarasothas Childrens Hospital to build on. 

There is no word yet on whether the donation will be used to help support the Saratostos Hospital’s efforts to increase funding for its children’s hospital.