The new music video for ‘The Future’ by Brys Estate is a little scary, but it’s totally rad

The new music video for ‘The Future’ by Brys Estate is a little scary, but it’s totally rad

September 14, 2021 Comments Off on The new music video for ‘The Future’ by Brys Estate is a little scary, but it’s totally rad By admin

Brys estate has been busy, and they’ve released their new music videos for the upcoming album, Future.

They’ve released a handful of them, but this one is the best of the bunch, because the beat is absolutely terrifying.

The video was filmed with the help of an ex-girlfriend, and the beat really fits the song perfectly.

The track starts off with the singer saying, “The future is scary, I want you to feel it,” and then, as the camera pans, she’s doing what you might think of when you think of a horror film: running around in a forest.

“Don’t panic,” she says, “but I need to go now, I’m going to be alone.”

She ends the track with the lyrics: “The world has changed so much.

The future is all of us,” and it’s all very well to be terrified of the future, but I think it’s a really fun video.

The music video is titled Future and the video itself is titled “A Future Gone Bad,” and both feature the singer playing with a chainsaw and some sort of robot.

She’s also got a robot arm that she’s playing with, and she plays with it for a while, before she gets to a place where the robot arms come in and she cuts off the robotic arm, which she calls “The Future Gone.”

Then she gets back to the chainsaw, and it goes, “I’m gonna be alone now, but please don’t worry, the future is okay.”

I think this is the most frightening part of the video, because it’s basically like the Terminator from The Terminator, except with the robot.

It’s not really scary, it’s just chilling.

I think we’re all more scared of the next Terminator than we were of the Terminator in the first one, because there’s always going to a future that you don’t see coming.

The Future Gone is out April 22 on

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