What’s it like to sell your estate?

What’s it like to sell your estate?

October 20, 2021 Comments Off on What’s it like to sell your estate? By admin

A couple who sold their home in India last year says the process was far from smooth.

Kunal and his wife were selling their first home in the city of Calcutta, and their plan was to buy a house in Mumbai.

But they wanted to sell it in Delhi, the couple’s hometown.

Instead, they were forced to take the decision to move to Calcuta because of poor roads and construction work.

The couple decided to move back to Mumbai after they had a baby.

Katal said the sale was a tough time for him.

He was in debt, and there was little financial support for the purchase.

“There was a time when my parents were on the verge of bankruptcy.

We were working hard to pay the rent and our children’s fees.

We had no money to even eat.

We also didn’t have the money to pay for the water bills.

We went bankrupt,” he said.

His family has not lost a single penny since they sold their house.

“My son and I had been renting a house together for two years.

We rented the house on a fixed monthly basis, but since the water and sewage lines were not working, we had to pay every month.

But we were still able to afford it,” he added.

Katar, who is also a resident of the city, said he could not help but feel sad and overwhelmed when he saw his neighbours living in the same house, and wondered what they would do if they were to get a house too.

“I had never felt like this before.

I was in a position of debt for two months, and now my children are in college and my wife is in her second year of school,” he lamented.

He also said the situation was not good in other parts of India.

“People are not able to buy property and rent, so the houses are not built properly,” he explained.

Kalavathi, who lives in the neighbourhood, said she did not have much money to buy the house.

But she hoped that someone would buy her home, as she had a good education and was a good employee.

She said she was very thankful for the government’s help.

“It was not easy to get the money for the house and water bill.

We got a loan from the bank, but I am still in debt.

I will pay my bills, but it will take time.

My children are going to college, and they are planning to start their studies next year,” she added.