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How to tell if a Christie’s real-estate deal is a rip-off

August 21, 2021 Comments Off on How to tell if a Christie’s real-estate deal is a rip-off By admin

By Matthew A. Hager and Michael HagerCNN”New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a good friend of luxury real-ty company Christie’s.

Christie is the one who is making the money.

He’s making the most money.

We’re talking millions and millions of dollars a year.”

That’s how Christie described the relationship in a May 9 op-ed for The Wall Street Journal that was published after Christie endorsed Trump.

In the op-ED, Christie called Trump’s deal with Christie’s New Jersey-based real-titles company a “sweetheart deal” for the state’s realtors.

In a statement, Christie said he has “great respect” for Christie and his efforts to “transform our state and our nation.

This deal has provided thousands of jobs for our state.””

As the governor said last week, I am honored to support the Governor in his continued fight to build a stronger New Jersey economy, strengthen our schools and provide families with affordable housing,” Christie said.

In January, Christie announced his endorsement of Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, saying Christie had “a proven track record of creating jobs and economic growth” and being “the most qualified person to take on President Donald Trump.”

Trump, however, was not happy with the endorsement and called Christie a “terrible candidate.”

He also called Christie “the worst governor ever” and said that the endorsement had “emboldened” Trump to “go after other politicians and people that I don’t agree with.”

Christie has said he is committed to building a strong economy for New Jersey, but he has not made a direct public commitment to endorsing the Republican nominee.