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A real estate agent in Toronto has resigned after allegedly taking part in a racist and sexist tirade against her client

September 20, 2021 Comments Off on A real estate agent in Toronto has resigned after allegedly taking part in a racist and sexist tirade against her client By admin

A Toronto real estate broker has resigned following an alleged racist and homophobic tirade by a client, her lawyer says.

“I was very shocked and saddened by what happened to Ms. Jafari,” attorney Michael Cavanagh told reporters at a news conference on Thursday.

“We are going to investigate the allegations.”

The lawyer said Jafaris alleged she was targeted because of her race and ethnicity.

Jafaris was allegedly in a relationship with a man who has a criminal record.

Cavanaghs client said the man was not involved in the alleged harassment, and that he was unaware of any threats or harassment directed at his client.

“It’s a sad day for me,” said Jaffaris, who said the relationship ended a few weeks ago.

“If this was an isolated incident and nothing more, I would have resigned years ago.

I am a woman of colour and I’ve had to deal with that all my life.”

The woman, who is in her early 20s, was allegedly part of a group of women who called the broker a “bitch” and “dindu” on the phone, and repeatedly called her a “white c***” during their chat.

In a video of the alleged incident posted online, the woman can be heard repeatedly telling the broker she does not want to talk to her and calling her a racist name.

“You are a racist,” she said.

“That is a racist thing to say.”

The broker told CBC News she has worked with clients for decades and has never had to face racism.

“The thing that really got me was the tone of the phone call.

She was calling me a b****, a cunt, a bitch,” she told CBC.

“I said, ‘I’m not a bitch.

I’ve never had a call like that.'”

In her resignation letter, the broker said she will not accept any money from the firm.

“It is not about money,” she wrote.

“If I am not able to keep my job, I will not work for them.”

Cavanaghes told reporters that he has contacted the Ontario Human Rights Commission, which he said will be investigating the incident.

“These kinds of incidents don’t happen in my day and age,” he said.

“There are some serious problems with racism in the workplace and in our society.”

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