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What’s the big news from Phoenix?

December 10, 2021 Comments Off on What’s the big news from Phoenix? By admin

Phoenix is not the biggest city in the U.S. But its status as the biggest and most popular has attracted millions of people in the last five years, with thousands of new homes sold and thousands more in the works.

The five estate sales are listed below.

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‘America First’: How Trump and Bannon are reshaping the GOP

October 15, 2021 Comments Off on ‘America First’: How Trump and Bannon are reshaping the GOP By admin

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are making a big splash this week in the Senate.

Trump is poised to unveil a plan to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, a sweeping overhaul of the country’s healthcare system.

Bannon is on the verge of creating the first true right-wing populist movement, as he launches a sweeping agenda that would slash taxes for the rich and slash funding for public schools, environmental programs, the military and immigration.

It’s a momentous moment for the GOP.

If the president’s agenda doesn’t work, and the GOP continues to fall short of the national standard of governing, the GOP could face an existential crisis that will force it to choose between competing national security priorities.

Bannon and Trump, like Trump, are not going to win this fight.

The two are unlikely to ever be able to come to an agreement that would lead to a permanent peace and prosperity in the United States.

But Trump and his allies are making it very clear that they have no intention of waiting to see what happens after he leaves office.

They are determined to try to change the GOP’s trajectory.

That’s why the president and Bannon both plan to use their platforms to push a radical vision of national policy that would put the nation’s security first, not the national agenda.

This will not happen in a vacuum.

Trump has made clear that he is ready to use the bully pulpit to reshape the GOP, which is why he has put Bannon on his National Security Council, the White House’s most influential advisory board.

But in the face of Bannon’s agenda, Trump has put his allies on the defensive.

The president is already trying to discredit the House Freedom Caucus, which has been fiercely critical of his presidency.

He has threatened to defund them and has accused the Freedom Caucus of being “a bunch of crybabies.”

And on Wednesday, Trump and White House chief of staff Reince Priebus met privately with congressional leaders to discuss how to respond to the Freedom Caucus.

Trump, Bannon and Priebus are already playing defense.

They have made it clear that their priorities for the next year are different from their counterparts on the Hill.

“We’re going to take on the Freedom caucus, we’re going for the mantle of the party of Lincoln,” Bannon said in an interview with Fox News last week.

But this is not a party of peace and reconciliation.

It is a party that is at war.

The realignment in the GOP is the creation of a new political party of Trumpian nationalism.

It would be a party whose primary aim is to tear down the Constitution and replace it with a nationalist vision of nationalism.

The alt-right is the new face of nationalism in the Republican Party.

It has a clear vision for America.

It wants to replace a government that serves the interests of the rich, not those of the poor and the minorities, by a government where the wealthy can pay their taxes, a government in which the vast majority of Americans can vote, a country that is governed by an increasingly fascistic and authoritarian elite.

It also wants to make America great again.

The most important aspect of the alt-left’s politics is its insistence on the supremacy of the white race.

It believes that the white man is the only race that has ever been the legitimate target of genocide.

It seeks to erase the history of slavery, the oppression of the Native Americans, the subjugation of African-Americans, the systematic mistreatment of women, the discrimination against gays, the persecution of people of color, the treatment of women by the military, the sexual harassment of women.

And it seeks to replace the American Revolution with a nationalistic one.

The white race is the true enemy of the Republic.

And the alt right believes that white people are the only people who can restore order to America.

This vision of a white nationalist America is the antithesis of the one the alt left holds dear.

It rejects the notion that the nation can be truly rebuilt after years of violence, and instead believes that America can be reconstructed by the people.

Trump and the alt leftists see the alt whites as a threat to the future of America.

They see them as a menace that must be destroyed.

The Trump administration has already shown that it is willing to use force to advance this agenda.

It threatened to cut off funding to the UN if the alt white movement wins power.

The White House also threatened to impose a travel ban on people from countries with a history of persecution of the LGBTQ community.

And in a move that has alarmed the international community, the Trump administration will be sending troops to Europe to help the alt, white nationalists.

The US has a long history of fighting against racism and bigotry.

It was part of the first U.S. intervention in Africa in the 20th century.

And this history of U.N. action against racism in the Americas dates back to the late 19th century when the United Nations declared that it was the duty of every nation to confront racism in all its forms

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