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A real estate agent in Toronto has resigned after allegedly taking part in a racist and sexist tirade against her client

September 20, 2021 Comments Off on A real estate agent in Toronto has resigned after allegedly taking part in a racist and sexist tirade against her client By admin

A Toronto real estate broker has resigned following an alleged racist and homophobic tirade by a client, her lawyer says.

“I was very shocked and saddened by what happened to Ms. Jafari,” attorney Michael Cavanagh told reporters at a news conference on Thursday.

“We are going to investigate the allegations.”

The lawyer said Jafaris alleged she was targeted because of her race and ethnicity.

Jafaris was allegedly in a relationship with a man who has a criminal record.

Cavanaghs client said the man was not involved in the alleged harassment, and that he was unaware of any threats or harassment directed at his client.

“It’s a sad day for me,” said Jaffaris, who said the relationship ended a few weeks ago.

“If this was an isolated incident and nothing more, I would have resigned years ago.

I am a woman of colour and I’ve had to deal with that all my life.”

The woman, who is in her early 20s, was allegedly part of a group of women who called the broker a “bitch” and “dindu” on the phone, and repeatedly called her a “white c***” during their chat.

In a video of the alleged incident posted online, the woman can be heard repeatedly telling the broker she does not want to talk to her and calling her a racist name.

“You are a racist,” she said.

“That is a racist thing to say.”

The broker told CBC News she has worked with clients for decades and has never had to face racism.

“The thing that really got me was the tone of the phone call.

She was calling me a b****, a cunt, a bitch,” she told CBC.

“I said, ‘I’m not a bitch.

I’ve never had a call like that.'”

In her resignation letter, the broker said she will not accept any money from the firm.

“It is not about money,” she wrote.

“If I am not able to keep my job, I will not work for them.”

Cavanaghes told reporters that he has contacted the Ontario Human Rights Commission, which he said will be investigating the incident.

“These kinds of incidents don’t happen in my day and age,” he said.

“There are some serious problems with racism in the workplace and in our society.”

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How To Buy Real Estate in Toronto with Lyndon & Associates

August 6, 2021 Comments Off on How To Buy Real Estate in Toronto with Lyndon & Associates By admin

With a $2,500 deposit and a $200,000 loan, Lyndon and Associates has set up a real estate business to help people buy their homes in Toronto.

Lyndon has been selling real estate since 2006 and has an office in Toronto, where he handles business and sales.

The company has helped over 1,000 clients in Toronto and across Canada.

“We are here to help our clients make the most of their home and the best part is we are 100% owned by them,” said Lyndon.

“They know they are getting a professional, experienced agent that can help them build their property for them and then help them to sell their property.”

As an online real estate agent, Lyndo helps people with the purchase and sale of their homes through a mobile app.

Lyndo offers a variety of services, including real estate sales, sales and marketing, mortgage and insurance.

Lyndons clients can also rent out the Lyndon mobile app to help them sell.

 “It is a little bit like the online sales process, where you are selling a property on a platform, but there are also people who are actually buying it from you,” said Cindy Beers, co-founder and CEO of Lyndon Properties.

As a realtor, Lyndor specializes in sales and leasing properties.

“Our focus is to help those who are looking to buy their first home and to help anyone who wants to be able to make that home affordable,” said Beers.

The company also provides the rental side of the business, which includes marketing and sales services.

With a little more than 20,000 square feet of space in Toronto’s west end, Lyndoni has the potential to become one of the biggest real estate agents in the city.

Lyndon’s client base includes a number of different sectors, including condo owners, homeowners, millennials and people who live alone.

In addition to the real estate industry, Lyndons real estate team has been working with local organizations and non-profit organizations to support the local economy.

Many of Lyndons projects are geared toward seniors, as well as those who have disabilities.

“We work to make sure that the realtors work with people with disabilities and we have an eye towards providing that accessibility and that access to the home they need,” said co-owner Cindy Beres.

Beers believes the realty industry has grown so much that it is no longer sustainable.

For instance, Lyndonian sold its Toronto offices to the city for $2.4 million, which included $1 million for renovations.

“I feel like we have built this thing in the last five years that we have had a real business that has been growing exponentially,” said Shearer.

“It is really hard to be the largest real estate company in Toronto right now and to be so profitable.”

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Tenant’s lawsuit claims Tenant didn’t pay rent, didn’t have utilities, and had a history of bad conduct

June 18, 2021 Comments Off on Tenant’s lawsuit claims Tenant didn’t pay rent, didn’t have utilities, and had a history of bad conduct By admin

TORONTO, Ontario — Tenant Alex Kuznia has filed a lawsuit against his former landlord, who allegedly failed to pay rent and didn’t provide utilities, the Ontario Tenants Association said on Tuesday.

The lawsuit alleges Kuznich’s former landlord did not make payments and that the apartment was in “disrepair and unsafe.”

Kuznik says he was unable to get the landlord to fix the apartment or to make any repairs on the apartment because the landlord failed to provide adequate notice.

The lawsuit alleges the landlord also failed to meet the deadline to repair the apartment and refused to give him money.

Kuznia is suing his former rental apartment on the same grounds as many tenants in the city, the group said.

He says he has been unable to rent his apartment because he is currently unable to work due to a legal battle over a medical procedure he underwent.

He claims the landlord was responsible for paying for the repairs, but that the landlord has not provided adequate notice of any damages and failed to comply with the law.

He also alleges the rent is “unreasonable” and has been due in arrears.

Kuknia was one of four tenants who were evicted from their apartment in Toronto’s West End in June, according to the association.

The city of Toronto and Tenants Union said at the time the apartments were vacant, but a spokesperson for the landlord, BMO Realty, told the Toronto Star that Kuznian was not listed as a tenant in the apartment.

Tenants Union spokesperson Alex McLean told the Star that “the tenants who had lived in the units for a number of years did not live there in violation of the law.”

Kuznina’s lawsuit is a response to the city’s decision to evict him, said McLean, adding that “The Tenants Act gives the tenant the right to a hearing before the landlord can evict the tenant.”

Tenants’ union president Michael O’Connor told the CBC that “It’s a very unfortunate case where a landlord did nothing to remedy what was a problem.”

“I think the landlord and tenant were doing the right thing, which is to pay for repairs and repairs that they could have done on time, but they did not,” O’Donnell said.

“I’m very upset about that.”

The Tenant Council of Greater Toronto (TCGTO) also weighed in on the situation, saying in a statement that “Tenants who have been evicted in the past, in fact, have not received any compensation and have been on the hook for that amount for the duration of their tenancy.”

Kuknich said he’s still considering legal action, adding, “We’re hoping for the best.”

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