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New Orleans to add two NHL franchises to its downtown arena

August 9, 2021 Comments Off on New Orleans to add two NHL franchises to its downtown arena By admin

CHICAGO — The City of New Orleans is expected to add another NHL franchise to its $3.5 billion downtown arena by 2020, sources told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

The announcement comes after a year-long bidding process that was delayed by Hurricane Katrina.

The arena, which will be built on the site of the former National Guard barracks, is slated to open to the public in 2021.

The arena, expected to be completed by 2023, will be a multi-use venue, featuring a restaurant, shopping mall, hotel and convention center.

It will also feature an indoor hockey arena, an outdoor hockey arena and an indoor swimming pool.

The project, which has been estimated at $1 billion, was expected to bring about 1,500 construction jobs to the city.

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When it rains, it pours: How the New York City floodwaters werehes away the city’s real estate

July 23, 2021 Comments Off on When it rains, it pours: How the New York City floodwaters werehes away the city’s real estate By admin

Real estate developer and real estate agent Aaron Williams says he and his partners have been dealing with floodwaters for more than a year.

Williams and his wife, Trisha, bought a two-story home on West 52nd Street in Midtown Manhattan.

They didn’t know that a storm could destroy the home’s roof.

“We had to make do with a wooden roof,” Williams told ABC News.

The family bought another house nearby, and when the storm hit, it took the couple years to rebuild.

They have since rebuilt the home, and it’s now home to more than 200 people.

“I thought we would never see this storm,” Williams said.

“It’s so much different now.” 

The water is so thick that the windows and doors are “covered in black mud.” 

Williams and his family have had to repair windows and remove the roof of their second home.

“We had a really tough time rebuilding it because we knew we were going to have to deal with this storm, but the roof’s still standing,” he said.

He has a couple more houses to replace.

“The real estate market in the U.S. has gone through a major correction, so it’s been a pretty crazy year,” Williams added.

The National Flood Insurance Program says that more than 60 million people were forced from their homes in the past month due to floodwater, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Floodwaters in New York city, which is in the middle of a historic drought, are now rising to record highs.

In the past week, the city has received more than 9.6 inches of rain, according a FEMA forecast.

The storm hit in the early morning hours.

The New York Times reported that the flooding is expected to continue until Friday morning.

The agency expects the storm to cause at least $200 billion in property damage and more than 500 deaths.

The storm is expected, in turn, to add to the national economic impact of the drought, according the FEMA website.

ABC News’ David Domen contributed to this report.

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Florida real estate firm: ‘We’re still in the early stages’

July 10, 2021 Comments Off on Florida real estate firm: ‘We’re still in the early stages’ By admin

When it comes to the development of a future NHL arena, it’s still early days.

And the Nashville Predators have some concerns that they’re not ready to make that commitment yet.

The Predators and NHL have not agreed to the terms of a long-term lease for the Bridgestone Arena site.

The team has been pushing to have a new arena built at the site of the current arena by the end of 2020.

And, at least initially, it appears that the Predators would like the arena to open as early as 2019, according to sources familiar with the situation.

That timetable is far from guaranteed.

The Predators, which play the Los Angeles Kings on Monday, have said they want to build a new team in time to host the 2019-20 season.

But that timeline could change if the Predators decide to move forward with their timeline.

And there are a number of factors that could play into that decision, including the financial viability of the Bridgeway site and the potential cost of redeveloping it.

The NHL is working with the team on the terms, according the sources.

But the Predators, who have been at odds with the city of Nashville for years, are still in a state of limbo.

In October, the team announced that it would not renew a contract with the Nashville Downtown Development Authority (NDDA), which has a lease on the arena.

The city and arena owners, which have been in talks for years about a new stadium, have not resolved any of the issues, but the arena remains a thorn in the team’s side.

The deal for the new arena could also be put on hold.

In March, the Nashville Metro Council approved a motion to suspend the franchise for two years and extend the franchise’s lease for another two years.

The new arena lease expires at the end, but will have a 10-year term and the team can negotiate with a new owner for a new one.

The franchise has not indicated how long it might wait to get back in business.

As part of that deal, the Predators agreed to pay NDDA $1.6 million in exchange for a conditional franchise agreement.

The NHL had to approve that deal in order to be able to play in Nashville, and it had to agree to the conditions that NDDA had put in place in order for the deal to be in place.

The city of Pittsburgh and the Predators have been negotiating a new deal since April, according two sources familiar the situation, with the Pittsburgh mayor promising to bring the new deal to the city.

The team has not yet announced the terms for that deal.

If the NHL did approve the deal, it could be signed by the NHL on June 10, 2020.

The deadline for the franchise to renew its lease for a second time was July 2.

The Penguins also have been trying to finalize the terms and are negotiating a deal that would put the franchise in Pittsburgh until 2026, according a source familiar with their negotiations.

The Penguins have been on a losing streak in recent seasons.

They finished last in the Metropolitan Division in 2016-17 and finished with a 31-61-10 record.

The organization was in a financial bind heading into the season, having missed the playoffs for the second straight year.

They also are the third team to lose their season opener in 2018.

“It’s been very disappointing, because we’ve had some great success in the last few years, and now we’re in a very difficult situation,” Penguins coach Mike Johnston told reporters after Saturday’s loss to the Sabres.

“We’re not at the level we need to be at.”

The Penguins were the highest-scoring team in the NHL in 2016 and finished second in the division last season.

They have won just eight games this season, but that has not stopped them from making strides.

The defense has been solid this season with Kris Letang, Pascal Dupuis and Brad Boyes leading the way.

They scored just five goals last season, including a career-high 14 in a loss to Tampa Bay.

In the playoffs, the Penguins won three of their first four games and went on to win the second round against the Capitals.

They won their first two games in the series, but were blown out in seven games.

It was a poor series for the Penguins, who were outscored 21-2 in the second period.

The organization has a number and goals-against average on its back, which has helped it keep winning, according one source familiar, adding that the team has shown that it can play in any situation.

The goals-for percentage is a major plus, as well, as the Penguins are ninth in the league in the category.

Johnston said he is looking forward to having the team compete again next season.

“We’re definitely looking forward next year.

We’re going to compete,” Johnston said.

“If we play at the top of our game, we

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